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Notes about top level win limits, odds & features

Max daily win limits. Football tier 1:£2M. Football Tier 2: £1M. Top Golf £500k. Other top tier sports leagues: £250k.  Robust early cash out feature.

General daily maximum win limit of €100,000 or equivalent.  Elegant betting platform. Excellent early cash out feature and football bet builder.  

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10Bet VIP Review

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William Hill VIP Review

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BetVictor VIP Review

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Top tier football max daily win limit of £500,000 or equivalent. Football Tier 2 & other top sports £100,000.  Excellent top-level football odds.

BoyleSports VIP Review

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Top tier football max daily win limit of €500k. Football Tier 2 €500k. Golf €250k. Other top sports leagues €100k.  Early cash out available.  Top Bookmaker in Ireland.

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Wealth and wealthy people in the UK

Compared to other nations, the United Kingdom has a very large wealthy class.  By the numbers, the UK has the fifth largest population of millionaires, or those people with a net worth of over one million US dollars, at over 759,000 people.  At the height of this class is a very large list of British billionaries, many of whom are responsible for important companies and brands like, the Virgin Group, Sports Direct and Formula One.  Given the strong heritage in Britain towards bookmaking and the appreciation for a punt, it is thus no surprise that a significant number of these wealthy people will enjoy sports betting and thus have a need to know where they may participate at a level that suits their wealth.   

About British high-limit sports betting providers:

Thankfully, there are several providers that allow wealthy bettors in the UK to lay seriously high stakes and allow for very high potential wins.  Not all of the well-known UK betting sites necessarily provide a top level high-roller experience.  Some online bookies that serve the UK simply do not offer winning limits that suit a person that is looking to bet large sums of money.  This is why we have created the list above which isolates and highlights the top providers for wealthy bettors.  In reality, most of the sports betting marketplace is focused on acquiring new customers with average income through free bet offers or sign up bonuses worth £40 to £100.  

It almost goes without saying that these offers are of little-to-no consequence to customers that will bet thousands of pounds on a single bet.  As ever, if you are going to test potential win-limits, be sure you know how the limits can affect you.  Bookies will accept your bet regardless of how that bet may measure against their rules with regard to win-limits.  In other words, do not place a bet for which you may never be able to fully collect.  Do not place a bet that you think has a potential payout of £125,000, but contains a bet on an event or contains a betting market that limits your overall payout to far less than the odds would lead you to believe.  If you are going to bet big, this stuff matters.  You can read more about how win limits can affect you and the important things of which you should be aware.

Making large banking transactions for high stakes online betting from the UK:

Bank transfers allow for the largest single transactions and these can approach £100,000.  Old fashioned cheques can also be used in some instances for very large amounts, but not quite as high as wire transfers.  Quicker and more convenient methods like debit cards tend to be limited to around £20,000 per transaction.  E-wallets that are widely used for gambling like Skrill and Neteller can allow for transactions up to £25,000 to £35,000 or so.  Although PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay are really popular, their respective transaction limits are only around £5,000, which is not particularly high for most VIP bettors in the UK.   

Which of the above VIP online bookmakers for the UK offer an early cash out feature:

Each and every one of the betting sites for wealthy UK bettors above offers their own version of an early cash out feature.  While availability and the given terms and conditions may vary from provider to provider, each company offers the ability to secure partial profits or protect stake money before an event has reached its conclusion.

UK bookmaker bonuses for new customers

Most wealthy bettors in the United Kingdom are not concerned with whether or not they may take advantage of a bonus offer.  However, if you would like to take advantage of value in this way, rather than through consistently high odds sites, you can find offers below for new customers in  the UK.

The best high-limit sports betting sites for wealthy people in the UK: Top online bookmakers for UK VIPs & high-rollers.

Perhaps the best VIP betting site for the UK.  Due to their wishes, we cannot discuss their actual limits, but they are ranked here for a reason.

bet365 VIP Review

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